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Do You Need a Bridge Loan?

A Bridge Loan is financing on an interim basis, that can be used until permanent funding can be found.

A Bridge Loan can last from a couple of months up to a year. 

Once a residential property has been purchased, it may take time for that home to be renovated and sold. A bridge loan can supply funds to a contractor to build the home, or to do repairs and sell it as soon as possible.

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Other Useful Information About Bridge Loans

Do Bridge Loans Come With High Interest Rates?
Interest rates for a bridge loan tend to be higher because you are only borrowing the money for a short period of time, so lenders won’t make much money from that type of loan. So, make sure you pay it off as quick as you can to avoid accruing interest rates.
Are Bridge Loans Considered High Risk?
The primary risk for this type of loan is when you are buying a new home and selling your old one, there is potential for the person buying your home to end up not securing a loan of their own. If this happens, and their loan falls apart, then your bridge collapses. This could cause you to end up selling your home for a much lower rate just, so you can pay back the bridge loan. So, make sure you research the strength of the financing sources from which the buyer is trying to secure the loan from. This will only help you in the long run to make sure you are not put in a financial bind from a loan falling through.

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